I have found:

  • “ping timeout”: client stopped responding to pings in the allotted amount of time (per the pingTimeout config setting).
  • “transport close”: this appears to happen if the client side stopped sending data at all… or maybe there’s some kind of callback causing this to happen. I can see it happen if I just close a tab or follow a link from a page where I have an active connection to the server. But I’m not clear if this is always a case of the client causing it to happen.

    Sorry for re-opening the issue. Regarding the transport close that is the reason when page is closed/reloaded, it also happens some times in bad network conditions specifically when the ping packets are not delivered to the client. For the latter I need to handle it in the server side by waiting for the client to reconnect. Is there a way to properly distinguish between these two?

  • “Client namespace disconnect”: When the client sends a disconnect packet (client.disconnect())
  • “server namespace disconnect”: Looks to be when the server performs a socket.disconnect() action.
  • “Transport error”: An error occurred, I assume this is a server side error, but I’m not totally clear, as I’ve not been able to trigger one on my own.
  • “io server disconnect” This occurs using a third party library socketIOAuth when authentication fails

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Socket.io承繼了Node.js的事件處理方法,把Client端與Server端的程式統一成一至的操作方式,讓使用者可以只需專注在處理「事件」,就可以快速開發出應用,他也支援『房間』的概念,可以使用同一條WebSocket卻擁有不被彼此干擾的資料傳輸(多種聊天頻道的概念)。另外,他也提供了很好的fallback機制,即使用戶的瀏覽器不支援WebSocket,他還是可以利用Flash、XMLHttpRequest等方式來傳送資訊(速度會比較慢就是了)。這些機制都他都包裝好了,所以寫程式時並不需要知道這些細節,只需要設定好就可以運作。 特性整理

  • Events 自訂事件。
  • Rooms Room 的概念只存在於伺服器端。可以理解為訊息處理時的聽眾分組,可對同一個分組內的聽眾進行廣播。
  • Namespaces 命名空間,我理解為底層連線的分組管理,不同命名空間可以走同一條 連線或是各自連線,每個命名空間可以各自驗證是否接受連線。
  • ACK 回調 如同 HTTP 之於 TCP,HTTP 為 TCP 提供了一套請求與響應的模型。ACK 也為 提供了一套請求與響應的通訊模型。
  • 連線維護
  • 自動斷線重連
  • ping/pong 心跳

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Gitlab連結: Engine.IO: the realtime engine
engine.iosocket.io提供跨瀏覽器/跨設備的雙向通信的底層庫。engine.io使用了WebsocketXHR方式封裝了一套socket協議。在低版本的瀏覽器中,不支持Websocket,為了兼容使用長輪詢( polling )替代。

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