About Me

Rich experience in Graphics, Streaming, and Animation

I‘m a software engineer and currently working on a real-time streaming system. I also utilize machine vision technology to analyze streaming content and perform image recognition. My recent task is to plan the transition of the company’s streaming to use HEVC and other high compression rate encoding formats.

I’ve always been deeply interested in tech-based studies and frequently dive into extended evening readings. Conversing with digital platforms has enhanced my understanding in areas such as machine learning, communication rules, real-time data transmission, and beyond.

Because of my busy work schedule, I don’t have much time to write formal blog posts. However, I will be using this space to record the things I do and research, so that my future self can remember what I have learned.

If you have anything to share, please send email to me

Passionate in women tech communities

I am currently the LEAD of Women Who Code Taipei and often organize events and invite outstanding women to share their technical expertise. I have hosted numerous events and also shared my own experiences in many events. Being part of Women Who Code Taipei has helped me better understand my professional positioning.

A Woman, Wife, and Mother of Two Children

Ever since welcoming my first child, my life has transformed, taking me to places I hadn’t expected. I had a picture in my mind: marrying, raising kids, and devoting myself wholly to my family. I envisioned a life where my primary role was to be a nurturing mother and a supportive wife. Yet, destiny had a different story in store.

We were blessed with a child who has special needs. Such children often need early support and extra attention, leading my husband to step back from his job to be there for our child. Nurturing a child with profound intellectual challenges is a task that demands immense patience and strength.

Surprisingly, I became the main breadwinner in our home. With the arrival of our baby, the balance in our relationship changed significantly.

Breaking Through Traditional Frameworks

Because I was feeling anxious about my future and abilities, I started the iThome Ironman Challenge to improve my programming skills. I have successfully completed the competition for three years in a row, and have received awards for excellence and best team.

After going through the painful process of transforming our family roles, I deeply understand the advantages that come with traditional male roles in the family, including the full support of a partner in their work. I also realize how fortunate I am to have a partner who wholeheartedly supports my professional growth. It has greatly aided my professional growth.

In these past few years, I have discovered my potential in programming. I am good at complex logical thinking and problem-solving. As I do not have the same pressure to achieve career success as the average male, I can focus more on doing things well and have contributed many technical breakthroughs to my department.

Also, because of our successful family role transformation, I am more able to think outside of the box and believe that there are different ways to achieve good results. I trust my intuition and passion and bravely move towards where my passion lies.

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