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I have found:

  • “ping timeout”: client stopped responding to pings in the allotted amount of time (per the pingTimeout config setting).
  • “transport close”: this appears to happen if the client side stopped sending data at all… or maybe there’s some kind of callback causing this to happen. I can see it happen if I just close a tab or follow a link from a page where I have an active connection to the server. But I’m not clear if this is always a case of the client causing it to happen.

    Sorry for re-opening the issue. Regarding the transport close that is the reason when page is closed/reloaded, it also happens some times in bad network conditions specifically when the ping packets are not delivered to the client. For the latter I need to handle it in the server side by waiting for the client to reconnect. Is there a way to properly distinguish between these two?

  • “Client namespace disconnect”: When the client sends a disconnect packet (client.disconnect())
  • “server namespace disconnect”: Looks to be when the server performs a socket.disconnect() action.
  • “Transport error”: An error occurred, I assume this is a server side error, but I’m not totally clear, as I’ve not been able to trigger one on my own.
  • “io server disconnect” This occurs using a third party library socketIOAuth when authentication fails

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