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Phi-2 vs Phi-3大語言模型初探

Phi-2 模型介紹


Phi-2 是一個擁有27 億個參數的 Transformer。它使用與Phi-1.5相同的資料來源進行訓練,並使用由各種 NLP 合成文字和過濾網站組成的新資料來源進行了增強(出於安全性和教育價值)。當根據測試常識、語言理解和邏輯推理的基準進行評估時,Phi-2 在參數少於 130 億的模型中展示了近乎最先進的性能。



Phi-3-Mini-128K-Instruct 是一個擁有 38 億參數的輕量級最先進的開放模型,使用 Phi-3 資料集進行訓練。該數據集包括合成數據和經過過濾的公開網站數據,重點是高品質和推理密集屬性。

在初始訓練後,該模型經歷了訓練後過程,其中包括監督微調和直接偏好優化,以增強其遵循指令和遵守安全措施的能力。當根據測試常識、語言理解、數學、編碼、長期上下文和邏輯推理的基準進行評估時,Phi-3 Mini-128K-Instruct 在模型中展示了強大且最先進的性能130 億個參數。


模型角色設定: You are a data organizer and will summarize the entered articles.


Spotlight on Disability:IN Partners using technology to enhance the accessibility of products we use every day.
Amtrak Provides Accessibility Upgrades at Utah Stations

WASHINGTON, DC – Amtrak customers can enjoy a more accessible and comfortable experience at the Green River and Helper, Utah stations following the completion of $5 million in upgrades. Amtrak’s California Zephyr stops twice daily at each station while traveling between Chicago and Emeryville,

The Right Shortcuts Can Give Your iPhone Superpowers. Here’s How.|

Take the pain out of tedious tasks with Apple’s Shortcuts app.

Free Aira Access Offers by State & Province |

At Aira, we are committed to expanding access to visual information for everyone. In this spirit, we work with Access Partners all over who provide Aira for free to their students, customers, residents, and visitors. This means anyone who is at one of the below Access locations can open the Aira app on their smartphone and instantly be connected to a professional visual interpreter. If you’re interested in finding out where you can connect with a visual interpreter for free in your state of province, read on.

Announcing Accessibility Conformance Reports (ACRs) in AWS Artifact

Accessibility Conformance Reports (ACRs) for AWS products and services are now available on AWS Artifact, a self-service portal for AWS compliance-related information. ACRs are documents that demonstrate the accessibility of AWS services.

Through AWS Artifact, you can download ACRs on-demand to understand the accessibility of a specific AWS product or service. AWS ACRs utilize the ITI Voluntary Product Accessibility Templates (VPAT®) and reference various accessibility standards including Section 508 (U.S.), EN 301 549 (EU), and Web Content Accessibility Guidelines (WCAG).

The Best Google Docs Keyboard Shortcuts for Boosting Your Productivity |

Learn how to use keyboard shortcuts instead of mouse clicks for common tasks in Google Docs. You might be surprised at how much time you save.

All the Changes Starbucks Made to Its Cold Cups and Lids to Reduce Plastic and Help Visually Impaired People

The Starbucks tall, grande and venti cups will now all use the same lid.

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心得: 看不出關聯性…這根本不相關吧?

To remove a tree stump, cut down the tree first

How can you make sure the tree is cut off completely? Cut it with a chainsaw.

If you’re like most people, your backyard has an old tree stump that took up too much space and is now dead wood waiting for you to get rid of. Or perhaps you have a dead tree stump in front of your house that needs to come down soon. Either way, it’s time for the stump to go.

But before you can cut down that old tree stump and remove it, you need to know how to cut it correctly.

The first step is removing all branches from around the trunk. This will make your cutting easier.

Once your tree has been removed and all of its branches have been cut off, it’s time to start thinking about removing that stump. You can either rent a stump grinder or cut down the tree yourself. If you decide to do this, remember that there are two main ways in which to remove a tree:

  • Using a chainsaw
  • With an axe

The first method is easy to figure out and we’ll discuss it here. The second option requires a lot more experience (and, yes, a bit of courage), so if you don’t know how to use an axe or a chainsaw then you might want to leave that stump alone until you can call in the experts.

But first, what is a tree stump? Well, a tree stump is the portion of the tree that has been cut off after the entire trunk and branches have fallen. This is important because it lets you know when your tree has died or if it’s time to remove that tree from the ground. So how can you get this done?

Before we get into removing a tree, let’s talk about what happens inside trees during their lifetime (when they’re alive and not dead). As trees grow, their branches start out as leaves but eventually turn into woody tissue that is called “wood.” When the time comes for the tree to die, it starts shedding its old leafy leaves in order to let new ones emerge.

To cut down the entire tree, you have two options: cutting or grinding. Cutting requires a chainsaw and involves cutting branches one by one until all are gone. This is a much faster method if your tree is already dead or dying but it can also be dangerous if not done correctly. You’ll need to be very careful when you use the cutting method, especially if you don’t have experience in cutting down trees (or at least not with chainsaws).

Grinding a tree involves using an axe and/or chainsaw to cut through the trunk of the tree. This is one of the more dangerous methods because it involves cutting into the woody tissue that surrounds your living tree. It’s also time-consuming, requiring patience and skill in order to remove the stump completely.

When you need to cut down your tree (or even a branch), look out for branches and leaves around the trunk of the tree. If they aren’t there anymore, then it’s time to get cutting!

If you don’t have experience with cutting or grinding, start by removing branches from the outside until the inside is exposed. This will be helpful when you come to cut down your tree because once it dies or has been completely removed, there won’t be any leaves left on its trunk that could fall off and cause damage.

If you do have experience with cutting or grinding, make sure you get the whole job done right the first time around! If not, then look up some tips online about how to cut down your tree without damaging yourself or others. Remember, safety is key!

Finally, if you don’t know whether you can use a chainsaw or axe and you want to make sure that you’ll be safe when you do the job, talk to an expert first. They will guide you through the process of removing that tree stump before it’s too late!

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心得: 還不賴,phi-3試滿多次不同的輸入,成果真的還不錯,而且token長度可以到128k

Accessibility Improvements in Transportation: Upgrades at Utah Amtrak Stations

Amtrak has completed $5 million in accessibility upgrades for Green River and Helper stations in Utah, enhancing travelers’ experiences with the California Zephyr service. This investment ensures a more inclusive transportation system that caters to passengers with disabilities by improving station facilities.

Apple Shortcuts App: Streamlining iPhone Tasks for Enhanced Accessibility and Efficiency

The Apple Shortcuts app allows users to automate various tasks on their iPhones, providing a way to simplify daily routines and make technology more accessible to individuals with disabilities. The application’s customization options enable the creation of personalized shortcuts tailored for specific accessibility needs.

Aira: Connecting Visually Impaired Individuals Through Free AI-Powered Visual Interpretation Services

Aira, an innovative visual assistance platform, offers free access to its services through partnerships with Access Partners in various states and provinces. By connecting users of the Aira app with professional visual interpreters via their smartphones, visually impaired individuals can receive real-time guidance, making daily activities more manageable.

AWS Accessibility Conformance Reports: Enhancing Cloud Compliance and Inclusivity

Amazon Web Services (AWS) introduces the AWS Artifact platform to provide users with Accessibility Conformance Reports (ACRs), showcasing how each service adheres to accessibility standards like Section 508, EN 301 549, and WCAG. Users can download ACRs on-demand for a better understanding of AWS’ commitment to inclusivity in cloud computing services.

Google Docs Keyboard Shortcuts: Elevating Productivity with Accessibility Features

Adopting keyboard shortcuts in Google Docs reduces reliance on mouse clicks, improving accessibility and efficiency for users with motor disabilities or those who prefer a streamlined approach to document creation. Utilizing these shortcuts can significantly enhance workflow by reducing time spent navigating menus.

Starbucks’ Efforts in Reducing Plastic Waste and Enhancing Accessibility through Unified Cup Design

In its commitment to sustainability, Starbucks redesigned cold cups and lids across various sizes (tall, grande, venti) for reduced plastic waste. Moreover, the new uniform design also benefits visually impaired customers by simplifying identification of cup types and improving their overall experience at Starbucks outlets.

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模型名稱: TheBloke/phi-2-GGUF/phi-2.Q8_0.gguf



心得: 雖然沒有太好但至少和原文有相關

  1. Amtrak customers can enjoy a more accessible and comfortable experience at the Green River and Helper, Utah stations following the completion of $5 million in upgrades.
  2. Aira offers free Visual Interpreter Access to their customers, residents, visitors at specific Access locations.
  3. All Starbucks’ tall, grande and venti cups will now use the same lid.
  4. Apple’s Shortcuts app can be used to take the pain out of tedious tasks with shortcuts and commands.
  5. ACRs are documents that demonstrate the accessibility of AWS services.
  6. Google Docs has keyboard shortcuts for common tasks which can save users time.
  7. Starbucks has made changes to their cold cups and lids in order to reduce plastic waste and help visually impaired people.

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心得: 只剩下最後一項星巴克的內容了…

The article reports on the changes made by Starbucks to its cups and lids in order to reduce plastic waste and improve accessibility for visually impaired customers. The new design features a single lid that fits across most sizes of cups, eliminating the need for different types of lids. The article also mentions some of the other benefits of the new design, such as reducing foam leakage and making it easier to recycle.

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模型名稱: TheBloke/dolphin-2_6-phi-2-GGUF/dolphin-2_6-phi-2.Q8_0.gguf



心得: 摘要能力算還不錯

Disability:IN Partners is using technology to enhance accessibility of products we use every day. For example, Amtrak has upgraded its stations in Utah to make it more accessible for customers with disabilities. Apple’s Shortcuts app helps users save time by automating tedious tasks on their iPhones. Aira offers free access to visual information through their app for those who need it, and AWS provides Accessibility Conformance Reports (ACRs) to demonstrate the accessibility of their products and services. Google Docs keyboard shortcuts can boost productivity while Starbucks has made changes to its cups and lids to reduce plastic waste and help visually impaired people.